Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sky Reflections Paint Crescent Beach Blue

EXCEPT FOR a few cotton ball clouds, the sky was especially clear on Tuesday. The reflected hue painted the ocean, shore and distant mountains cobalt blue. A fabric of watery ripples lazily lapped onto the beach floor below the stairs.

Last season's leftover grasses sprouted whiskers on a Blackie Spit Park hill. The mood of walkers seemed up at this glimpse of summer on a wintry day.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

How Birds Fly In A Misty Sky

THE HORIZON gave a slight hint there was something beyond the fog. As I walked through the wintery mist recently, I noticed a bird coming in for a landing and wondered how it managed to navigate within such a thick cloud.
I learned that waterfowl see two to three times better than most humans (and probably five times better than I can) due to highly developed retinas and amazing muscles that control the curvature of their corneas and lenses.

These lucky ducks (please forgive the irresistible pun) can also soar above low-lying coastal fog to avoid the murky shroud entirely until landing.

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See more BC scenes at Penelope Puddlisms: BC Life Is A Whale Of A Ride.