Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Alphabet Soup Graffiti Rides Train

SHOULD WE be impressed, reflective or worried when an alphabet soup of graffiti on many dozens of freight cars rolls down the track?

Whether boxy letters and scribbles are an act of vandalism, art or protest, the traveling show blocks the path to Crescent Beach. As I sit in my car waiting for the train to pass and try to unscramble the wandering words, I marvel that, in this age of security concerns, strangers with painterly tools at train yards seem to go unchallenged the entire time they are leaving their mark on boxcars.

See more markings at SIGNS, SIGNS.

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Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Most graffiti is so stylized that I cannot read it- so it just irritates me.

  2. I love train car graffiti

  3. Didn't think these "artists" meant for us to be able to read what they painted. They are colorful graphics.

  4. I don't like tags but some of the colourful stuff I don't mind.

  5. I am simultaneously impressed and appalled by such graffiti. How do these guys get away with it? And why is it not cleaned off the cars? But, it is colourful, and gives you something to look at while waiting.

  6. It may not be right for the "artists" to paint this graffiti, but it does make for some pretty pictures.

  7. It's always difficult to read what they wrote.

    Frankly My Dear

  8. I can't help but be fascinated by graffiti on railroad cars, even tho elsewhere it makes me cross. I think on fences and bridges and walls and like that graffiti is usually gangs marking their territory. But I can't see how that would be true on train cars. And it is more fun to look at than plain cars while you're waiting. I like your pictures,

  9. Sorry to be late. This reminded me of a woman who was arrested for defacing traffic signs with artsy, humorous stickers. She did it as a form of artistic expression but it is actually vandalism. Seeing from your photos, I'd see it as a running art if I saw the train passing before me.

    I didn’t know another meaning of “alphabet soup”. I was puzzled why noodles in the shape of the alphabet are related to this post. Now, I got it, “acronym hard to remember.”



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