Monday, 27 August 2012

Last Splashes Of Summer In My World

DIVING OFF A PIER is almost a right of passage for youth in my West Coast world. I did it, too, as a child. It was great fun even though I could barely swim and later developed a fear of being in deep water. The girl (pictured above) dropped into the blue-green sea as straight as a pencil last week and was obviously enjoying the final weeks of summer at Crescent Beach.

I remember how each leap into the water with carefree abandon is touched with a hint of danger and then pride as confidence builds.

Time stands still when waters are warmed by the sun and ripples bubble and sparkle amid the splashes. There is joy in simply being alive and letting go to playful moments before returning to the routines of school.

These boys are soaking in the last rays of summer sunshine. Their casual tunes float in harmony with the gleeful sounds all around them.

Kites drift gracefully towards the clouds to the delight of onlookers.

Sailboats are ready to go where the haphazard breezes take them.

Yesterday's children linger here, too, their thoughts and laughter etched in stone. Memories of our own childhoods are engraved in our hearts.

Autumn is coming. A new chill fills the air now and some have jumped away from the circle of seasons. Young people in their twenties, well known in my community, experienced their last summer moments during the holidays. They died in three separate incidences: a small-plane crash, a car accident, and a dive into a lake off a cliff that ended in tragedy.

Thoughts and prayers of the entire community go out to their grieving families. Their losses are harsh reminders that life can suddenly vanish. It is a shame to squander it with worry and fear over things that might or might not happen. Long or short, our time on earth is not known. The uncertainty of the road ahead urges us to unwrap and treasure this precious gift and to be inspired by it daily.

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