Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hearts & Flowers By Fences In Skagway

"Look! Quick!" I said to my husband who probably was not as impressed as I was by the hearts carved into the old fence at a home in Skagway.

All we could see was the tip of the fence for a fleeting second as our tour bus whizzed by the house being built or repaired.

During a walking tour later, we had time to enjoy the quaint picket fences of Skagway and to smell the flowers.

Tall blooms leaned over one fence and poppy petals fluttered by another.

Our 7-day Alaska cruise, that included a stop at Skagway, was an anniversary gift to ourselves and could be why I was drawn to the hearts and flowers.

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  1. you did well to catch some of those from the tour bus! lovely blooms, too!

  2. I am glad you took us along on this tour. Enjoyed the sights and your photos.

  3. Ah, I've never seen hearts carved into a fence like that before.
    Glad you had a second to get the shot in!

  4. Hello, the fence with the heart cut outs is pretty. And I love the gorgeous flowers! Great captures, enjoy your day!

  5. Wow! Wonderful shots from the bus tour. Appreciated seeing that rusty truck. Nice picket fence on your walking tour. And nice feature on that fence with the carved heart shapes.

  6. Someone spent a lot of time making those hearts in that fence. I think your Poppy shots are gorgeous

  7. The hearts in the fencing are so charming and sweet.
    What a wonderful tour this must have been. - Loved those pretty pink poppies at the end.

  8. Really beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  9. beautiful fences and flowers. I too thought the hearts was nice :)

  10. Gorgeous pics! I woul love the fence with the hearts.

  11. How lovely to know this trip was your anniversary gift to each other, Maria! I like the fence with hearts. My thoughts are to your husband health problem, but I’m happy for him because he seems to be leading life positive, probably with self-management, some medication, and greatly with your affection and support. It seems to me everyone has his/her share of health problem more or less at our age. As far as I remember, you poppies photos are the most fascinating. Have happy days filled with hearts and flowers ahead.


  12. Delightful photos all of them. Happy anniversary though I know I am late :)


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