Monday, 31 October 2016


THERE IS much of importance going on. A lot of it is quietly good for the planet and for humankind but largely goes unnoticed. Amid the fireworks and noisy clatter of wars, earthquakes, innocent lives lost, misinformation and confusion that do make up the news, a real life boogieman and bombastic bully, viewed as orange-hued by some, gained quite a cult of followers. The decorative pumpkin (above) was a recent reminder of the "horror show" we've been watching.

The US election is one of the scariest things happening in our midst this 2016 Halloween season. I think a large portion of the world will be hiding under their bed covers this November afraid of the outcome.

If you're not frightened enough already check out Halloween costumes from a previous year HERE.

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Monday, 10 October 2016


SOMEONE HAD A BURST OF CREATIVITY and painted flowers on their car (below) while autumn continues to paint my world orange, red and gold.

Although pumpkins have mostly popped up on porches, I spotted one over a fence amid the decorative antlers pictured below.

This is my favorite season not only because of the vivid colours but because it is a cleansing, resting time of year. It seems as if all life needs to be refreshed so is cozying up for the long winter's nap ahead.

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