Thursday, 27 August 2015

How To Accessorize A Fence

FEATHERS ON hats is a common sight but this is the first time I have noticed them fluttering on a fence post.

Hopefully, the bird these feathers belonged to is managing to fly without them.

Jack O'Lanterns are an accidental accessory when squeezed through slender openings at another Crescent Beach fence.

When I see these seasonal orange blooms I know autumn is near.

Someone tacked painted cut-outs of fish onto this fence. They swim the wood panels like charms on pieces of jewelry.

Their nautical style is fitting for a seaside community.

Clouds of mauve blooms decorate another fence that swoops and falls like an ocean wave. Willow branches in the background add green to the garden theme.

White painted wood and wire, offset by a patriotic flag, is the final accessorized fence that I am linking to GOOD FENCES.

A welcoming gate also accessorizes a fence.

Here is a closer look at the gate at the fence pictured above. It is embellished with an upside down horseshoe symbolizing luck.

Check out more gates HERE.

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