Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Mysteriously Missing Xyris Iris

XYRIS IS A BOTANICAL term I discovered when searching for a word beginning with the letter "X". According to some writings, xyris refers to marshland plants that usually have yellow flowers amid spiky grassy leaves.

The yellow iris I captured at Elgin Heritage Park in South Surrey was by a marshy pond edged with various grasses so seemed to fit the description. The blooms sprouted very quickly but strangely all too soon disappeared.

It looked like someone or something unceremoniously mowed down the plants when I visited the area a week later. All I found were the roots of former blooms at the foot of the pond that had turned murky and gray. I noticed some blades of grass fell across one another and formed the letter "X".

I suppose the iris in my front yard would not be termed xyris because of its purple color and location. Nonetheless, it is just as pretty and still standing unlike those at the pond.

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Rocky Road At The Bottom Of 1001 Steps

I VENTURED DOWN the 1001 Steps in Ocean Park twice this past week. I stepped on lacey shadows on Saturday in the early afternoon.

It was a noisy walk crunching over gravel, pebbles ...

and stones to the beach.

I saw a sun drenched buttercup along the way.

A red kite in the light breeze ...

floated in a crayon blue sky ...

breaking a string of rainy weather.

Large retainer blocks made a solid canvas for silver and black graffiti.

After scrambling along the rocky shore, I sat on a boulder and enjoyed the water view.

Two days earlier on Thursday, I took a trek down the steps after dinner.

The air around me was a ...

balmy blanket of soothing comfort.

I couldn't resist bringing home a random rock that I found ...

in the shape of a heart.

The Amtrak passenger train heading from Vancouver, BC, back to Seattle in the US seemed cushioned on the tracks and did not shatter the serene scene as it whisked by.

It was a nice change from the usual freight trains. People have a tendency to walk on the tracks. This is very dangerous because there are hidden corners and the distance and direction of a sound can be misleading.

A small group of people were doing a photo shoot against the backdrop of red and yellow grafitti. It was just for fun, they said.

Their flash apparatus was neatly attached to the photographer's umbrella.

Nature carved two elephants touching noses on a nearby rock.

The tide rolled in higher and higher lapping over stones that appeared to dance in the water.

One boulder was too big to be engulfed by the sea. It looked strange ... like a large head had broken free from an ancient Easter Island statue to land on my local beach at Boundary Bay in BC.

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Postscript: Sadly, a woman jogger was struck and killed by the Amtrak train mentioned in this post as it sped through the White Rock area on July 15, 2013. A news article about the accident can be found HERE.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

White Rock, Waiting & Words Not Wasted

THE BIG ROCK painted white in the small City of White Rock, BC, sits at the fringe of the Semiahmoo Bay unmoved and seemingly with the stoic serenity of a Buddha. Its impressive calm came to mind recently.

Although not nearly as still as a boulder, I have gone into meditative states trying not to fidget in various waiting rooms. Sometimes it seems as if modern life is all about being hung up in long lines and waiting lists, especially when there are health issues involved.

In BC one can wait several months to see a specialist. Waiting, White Rock and words converged in my mind when pondering the letter "W". It looked like some folks in White Rock last May were fed up with waiting and took to the streets with words such as End Waitlists scrawled on placards.

Despite their efforts, there was no coverage in the local papers as I watched for analysis of their causes in hopes that their words were not wasted.

I noticed meaningless scrawls and empty words marring the brick behind this man taking a picture at another rally.

On June 13th in South Surrey citizens took to the streets again about matters that would significantly impact future generations. After the Conservative Government of Canada won a majority in the last federal election they proceeded to make changes quietly and without much debate.

Some people are very concerned that the passage of the budget Bill-C38 would have a negative impact on the environment, erode Employment Insurance benefits and much more.

To convince people in power that they are going down the wrong path takes a lot of well-crafted words, patience, dedication and flexibility. Granted some balls might never bounce ...

and some eggs might never hatch. But I still admire ...

folks who get involved and don't passively play it safe on the sidelines.

Chipping away at an immovable force CAN influence how things will unfold.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Visitors Tap Tapping At Nature's Door

NOT EVERYONE WELCOMES the rain that visits southwest BC throughout the year. Although some folks would prefer fewer showers, I appreciate the rhythmic tap tapping of drops on flowers along the pathways I wander.

Besides the luscious drops other visitors came to mind when searching for a word that begins with "V". The elegant home (photo, 2010) with a Volkswagen in front was built by local artists along Marine Drive in White Rock a few years ago. The house frequently has eye-catching faux guests positioned on the balcony overlooking a water view.

The statues are a delight but are not as friendly or animated as, Kay from Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel, a real-life visitor from Alberta who came by last May in her brilliant green rental car. It was a treat to see her in person and to catch up on her kitchen reconstruction news.

Another visitor is the cute neighborhood cat who certainly looks harmless ...

unless you are a bird building a nest.

The cat sees feathery guests in the neighborhood as an invite to dinner. It is one of the reasons I no longer have a bird feeder.

This bloom has a pest as a guest nipping at its delicious crepe petals.

And look who flew in to dinner uninvited at a Vancouver City apartment I visited. The pigeon landing on the counter brought to mind that to have dinner or to be dinner are dramas played out often in the natural world.

After leaving his calling card, the confused little fellow escaped out the kitchen window.

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This post showcases the letter "V". If you think words are fun and enjoy playing with the alphabet, check out the link at the sidebar and visit ABC Wednesday.