Sunday, 17 June 2012

White Rock, Waiting & Words Not Wasted

THE BIG ROCK painted white in the small City of White Rock, BC, sits at the fringe of the Semiahmoo Bay unmoved and seemingly with the stoic serenity of a Buddha. Its impressive calm came to mind recently.

Although not nearly as still as a boulder, I have gone into meditative states trying not to fidget in various waiting rooms. Sometimes it seems as if modern life is all about being hung up in long lines and waiting lists, especially when there are health issues involved.

In BC one can wait several months to see a specialist. Waiting, White Rock and words converged in my mind when pondering the letter "W". It looked like some folks in White Rock last May were fed up with waiting and took to the streets with words such as End Waitlists scrawled on placards.

Despite their efforts, there was no coverage in the local papers as I watched for analysis of their causes in hopes that their words were not wasted.

I noticed meaningless scrawls and empty words marring the brick behind this man taking a picture at another rally.

On June 13th in South Surrey citizens took to the streets again about matters that would significantly impact future generations. After the Conservative Government of Canada won a majority in the last federal election they proceeded to make changes quietly and without much debate.

Some people are very concerned that the passage of the budget Bill-C38 would have a negative impact on the environment, erode Employment Insurance benefits and much more.

To convince people in power that they are going down the wrong path takes a lot of well-crafted words, patience, dedication and flexibility. Granted some balls might never bounce ...

and some eggs might never hatch. But I still admire ...

folks who get involved and don't passively play it safe on the sidelines.

Chipping away at an immovable force CAN influence how things will unfold.

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  1. Great post. It is admirable when people get involved and try to improve things. As always your photographs are wonderful.

  2. You are a great player with words and a clever combiner of words and photos! Thanks for your participation in ABC Wednesday!
    Wil, ABC Team.

  3. These are highly significant "W" words in your life right now, Maria, and I empathize with the frustration you are feeling with the medical system. The closer one is to reaping the consequences of poor decisions, the harder it is to remain patient and flexible. Yet, I wonder as you do about the best path to a peaceful and efficient world where the best needs of everyone are met. Placards, petitions and demonstrations often seem of little help, and I continue to struggle to figure out a better strategy. Sometimes, I wonder if one personal story publicized on a local television station may reach hearts about as directly as any other method. One person I know has scheduled a meeting with her MP. Perhaps, that's one idea that could help. And deep down, I wonder if those at the top are also struggling. So many agendas and little hope of pleasing everyone. It must take very wise leadership indeed to figure out longterm solutions that will make the best use of limited funds and stand the test of time. All to say, "I hear you!"

  4. people seem to hate politics, yet it affects them so deeply. good for the activists.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Hi, Penelope, I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry to hear what you’re experiencing with the medical climate of your country. If I remember correct, I heard medical fee is free (nice!) in Canada but sometimes people can’t get quick treatment (terrible!). In the reverse page of this blog, you started and ended the post with big yellow smiles. Seeing from the same date of posting, the two posts are about one life with frustration to the politics on the one hand and the people’s attitude trying to be positive on the other. Incidentally, I’m fed up with my country’s (mostly incompetent) politicians who are still more concerned about power struggles than the wellbeing of the nation even after the devastation of 3:11 catastrophe.

    Take care, penelope.

  6. I couldn't find a place to comment on your 1001 steps post so I'm leaving my comment here. It was a fun post filled with such beautiful shots. I always enjoy your posts very much.


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