Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Getting To The Core Of An Apple

APPLE IS ONE OF THE FIRST words I learned to spell and a popular word used to teach children the first letter of the alphabet. There is a mystic quality about this juicy orb that is hard to ignore. Perhaps that is why American pioneer, Johnny Appleseed, selected the delicious apple to spread throughout the land when he could have easily picked a variety of other fruit trees to plant. The apple pictured above was as tasty as it looks and was photographed during a trip my husband and I took to Europe.

Not only does an apple make a great pie, it is the poisonous fruit with which a wicked stepmother in the Snow White fable tried to murder her stepdaughter. The fruit also had a starring role in a Medieval legend about William Tell who split an apple off the head of his son with an arrow. And great thinker Issac Newton discovered gravity when an apple supposedly fell on his head.

Computers are called Apple and New York City is often referred to as the Big Apple. The famous Beatles rock band picked Apple as the name for their record label. A person of ill repute is sometimes called a "bad apple" and an adored child can be "the apple of her mother's eye". And as the saying goes, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

Peeling back its historic significance, the fruit gets important mention in the Bible. Eve tempted Adam with an apple. He took one bite and heaven on earth, along with the innocence of mankind, vanished in an instant. Leaving a collective lump in our throats, this is perhaps why the protruding cartilage of the larynx became euphemistically known as the Adam's apple.

Yet there is no denying that crunching down on a juicy red apple is one of life's little pleasures. After all, what good would life be without tasting its fruits ... complete with pits and seeds of the not so rosy kind?

Apple is the word that came to mind when searching for a word beginning with "A". Since I started the earlier round at ABC Wednesday with the letter "B" on my other blog, apple completes my goal to circle the alphabet down to the core without missing a bite.

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  1. I enjoyed your narrative so much about apple and as always great shots to go with it. I liked the comment you left on mine too and it was so true. Carver ABC-Wed. Team

  2. You really have a way with words! Enjoyed this immensely. Have an awesome week,

    abcw team

  3. Your story is the apple of my eye!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I love how your words and photos weave a soft, comforting shawl around those of us who stop by. Visiting with you is always a pleasure...:)

  5. A for Apple....what could be sweeter or more juicy!

  6. I love apples so enjoyed this post very much.

  7. well thanks to the Apple we have gravity !! ON the other hand aren't we lucky it wasn't a coconut that fell on Newton ! :)

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  8. This was such a fun A read. Love all the apple applications!!Great job.

  9. Congratulations on reaching your goal, Penelope! And, what a simple but perfect (because of your superb writing) choice for an "A" post! Like many others, I hadn't considered the contradictions in apple imagery and the meandering routes apple lore has traveled. I have to add that your apple photograph is magnificent and I appreciated the chance to read your thoughtful thoughts :) about that wonderful trip to Europe.

  10. I enjoyed your words on apples.


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