Monday, 10 September 2012

Hop On For Car Show Classics At Crescent Beach

A MUSEUM ON WHEELS rolled into Blackie Spit Park at Crescent Beach last week. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at the sight of dozens of cars from differing eras posing prettily on the grass.

The warm and sunny weather was perfect for such an event and the car collection drew quite a crowd. Everyone had a camera.

It was challenging to take pictures with so many people milling about and the sun bouncing off the polished paint that mirrored its surroundings.

My hand was reflected in the wing of this elaborate hood ornament.

Some folks reminisced about what they were up to when this Chevy was new.

Not everyone shared the same memories or time frame.

Lucky dice never go out of style no matter what the era.

The vehicles ranged from practical ...

to artfully decorated ...

to sophisticated.

I liked this traveling grocery store designed to deliver vegetables and fruit to the community.

This is the same truck from the front.

The Cadillac convertible had special appeal.

The seats looked large and inviting.

Some vehicles seemed ahead of their time.

Click to enlarge the photo and read about the Lamborghini.

This Model A Ford with the snowshoes in front served double duty. The car (also illustrated in the picture below) was ready for rough weather.

Click on the picture above to enlarge it and read about the rare Snow Bird that did NOT escape to warmer regions in the winter.

The bold pastels of some automobiles made wonderful eye candy.

I believe the fresh colours duplicated the originals.

Cars were everywhere ... even on the shirts hanging on a tree.

Perhaps they belonged to the musicians at the event.

The Vancouver Firefighters Band played some grand tunes of days gone by.

This was a collaboration of organizations and collectors from Canada and the United States so a vocalist sang both national anthems beautifully.

A well maintained but very old fire truck was on display.

The hubcaps revealed an artistic touch.

There was much to discuss and everyone had a favorite.

I could see myself in this pretty vehicle that matched the sea and sky.

Its eagle-head hood ornament did not fail to impress.

The seating resembled that of an easy chair.

All but one vehicle I saw that day beamed with a special glow.

Here is what some looked like prior to being restored to former glory.

It was fun to spring back in time. Fascination with the past is not new.

And passion for operating machinery starts in childhood.

Today's cars will be in tomorrow's museums. Whether round as an upside down teacup or flat as a saucer, there is no telling what they will look like or be able to do in future.

Modern automobiles have me wondering if one day there will be a vehicle that floats like a boat and flies like a plane in the garage of every home.

Find more car show classes from the following year HERE.

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  1. What fun. I went to a classic car show about a year ago and this post reminded me of how much I enjoyed it. Great shots!

  2. What fun! I love Classic cars ... and pink dice!

  3. I love those Classic Car Shows!! And your photos are terrific -- next best thing to being there! Love it! Enjoy your week!!

  4. Great show!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Your photos made me feel I was there with you. The owners must spend hours cleaning and polishing those cars.

  6. I love old cars, the sleek lines, the colors, the chrome. They are some of my favorite things to photograph. You did a great job.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. What a marvellous series of shots. The cars are beautiful.

  8. Oh WOW I see the most beautiful cars, those oldies still look wonderful

  9. I have never been to an old car show with such a wide variety of vehicles. No wonder there were photographers everywhere.

  10. Classic cars have amazingly gracefull shapes and designs. In Nara, a retro bus is run. The design is nostalgic and the inside is made of wood. But only once an hour. So the day when I can get on the bus is my lucky day.
    Oh, I love your imagination. Also, I want to see how people in future will love the latest cars of today.

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  12. There is a camaraderie amongst the people who lovingly restore old cars, and a respect for the history/stories of those who rode in the cars, that your post somehow catches, Penelope. I loved the colours and reflections, although I was sorry that the one opportunity to see your image reflected did not seem to load. The vegetable-delivering truck was fascinating - perhaps my favourite of all. Somehow, I can't help but wonder how our present day cars will look in the future. I think we have lost a little of the magic in our designs and colours, but perhaps the more high end models (that I only see from a distance) will make up for that. (I re-posted to fix a silly spelling error. Thanks, Penelope!)

  13. Oh what fun you had with the camera.

  14. Wow, so many photos of cars! I think I know how you were excited. All the vehicles sit proudly shining with each own history and reflections. I like the fire truck and the navy blue car which would be merging into the sea and the sky while driving. I guess my husband wouldn’t complain spending there while I’m absorbed in photography.


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