Monday, 3 September 2012

Refreshed Ponds A Sanctuary For Birds

I WAS AS QUIET as I could be when approaching the ducks sunning themselves along the edge of the revitalized pond at Southmere Village Park in South Surrey. They floated away as I inched forward with my camera.

People are asked to not feed the wildlife. Not expecting or needing food from humans, these self-sufficient creatures are quick to turn their backs on the folks passing by.

The park hums with life after a long dry spell that resulted from the draining and rebuilding of two manmade ponds because of contaminated water. I wrote about it in an earlier post on my other blog.

It was good to see the ponds thrive again and provide a sanctuary for the birds that call this place home, even though people prefer to do without the inevitable droppings that litter the bordering walkways.

Watery views and reflections make a pretty picture out the windows of the surrounding homes. The relaxing scenes offer a nice escape from the busy road nearby but the ponds also serve a more practical purpose.

This patch of calm in the city detains the overflow of rainwater from the street, provides a safe haven for nesting wildlife and nurtures a flower garden in the park that is a visual treat.

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  1. What a beautiful and serene place. I love all the photographs of this beautiful place and good seeing the pond doing well.

  2. When I wrote my blog post on feeling like I was in unfamiliar territory, and mentioned favorite haunts just a short walk away, that was the one of the places in my mind.

    I miss the birds, the herons, the people the changing leaves of this delightful park....good memories.

    Thanks for sharing those photos, you have refreshed my memory, and it feels good to see the old familiar haunts.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. It's pleasant to see revitalized ponds. I am seeing more and more signs asking humans to NOT feed waterfowl. An overabundance in some areas is making some parks rather unpleasant, :)

  4. What a beautiful series of images!
    Thanks for sharing

  5. It is great to see the ponds doing well again! People here are asked not to feed the waterfowl, too. Wonderful captures for the day! Hope you have a lovely week with lots of beauty to enjoy!

  6. Pleased to see they have revitalised those ponds. It looks as though the wild life is thriving.

  7. Very pretty scenes. I am so happy to see there are more sanctuaries for the birds. They need the habitat to survive. Thanks for sharing, great post.

  8. Wow! what excellent photography of a beautiful place with nature's delights ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Great to see wild life thriving again!! Water is the source of all beings' lives.
    To share nature with wild birds, animals and so on is extremely difficult. At least, human beings must not harm environment for wild life.
    While seeing your fabulous photos, I feel like going to a pond to take photos of wild birds!
    Have a delightful week.

  10. I wish more people would respect the no feeding rules. I often see the ducks swimming furiously over to the water's edge once they see people on the shore.

  11. A beautiful series of photos of the ponds and wildlife. That's a great way to manage the run-off water from the streets.

  12. The revitalized pond is so beautiful, lively with wildlife, and useful for the downpouring. How nice! For the critters, and the locals as well, it was worth enduring the inconvenience for a while. To coexist with wildlife, it’s humans responsibility to let them live natural with our conscious efforts.

  13. Great use of water that would just be waste otherwise. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. Lovely post, Penelope! All of the photographs took me to a place of peace, but the 4th had a unique quality - sort of impressionistic with defined outlines - that was mesmerizing. It is good to see that the ponds have been restored so beautifully and the fact that people are heeding the "no feeding" request is really encouraging. The wildlife, the lake and the nearby residents will all be healthier and happier over the long term for that respect.

  15. Often these relatively small spaces are worth their acreage in gold. Thank you for the tour


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