Saturday, 22 September 2012

Walking Through A Cloud At Crescent Beach

THE HORIZON was a blank slate at Crescent Beach recently. No rain had fallen for weeks and the cool autumn air brought moisture to the morning conspiring with the heat of several days to create a low-lying fog.

Visibility was poor along the shore and there were few people out and about. The vessels that normally bob along the bay were nowhere to be seen beyond the rare sprigs of fall colors on the beach.

The clammer of summer visitors had waned but remnants, such as this bear stenciled onto a wood railing, remained. The hovering cloud cast a broad net. I liked how its muggy softness cushioned my steps.

A lone man was focused on fishing at the edge of the pier. (See more pier photos here.)

A crow suddenly appeared out of the mist.

It, too, was probably fishing.

The bird moved gracefully reminding me of a dark seagull.

With outstretched wings, it sailed back into the enveloping haze.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms

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  1. Nice series, the first 2 photos I especially like.

  2. Feeling a little blue with the sudden change from summer to this type of weather. Lovely shots!


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