Sunday, 30 December 2012

No Ordinary Pigeon Being Tracked

THIS BIRD WEARING two different colored leg bands could be a pet or perhaps is being tracked by a breeder. No ordinary pigeon, its pretty display of feathers has me wondering if it is a Rock Dove.

It seemed completely unafraid of me, although it did puff up its chest a little reminding me of a chubby robin.

Could this showy creature be a version of the bird having a bath in this video? I didn’t get a good picture of my bird from the front but the white marking on its beak could be described as heart shaped. Such birds are always looking for love in the form of a meal it seems. Their presence can be an annoyance for folks eating at outdoor tables of restaurants.

Pigeons with all white feathers, on the other hand, are adored as a symbol of peace and are often called doves. In truth "pigeon" and "dove" are interchangeable terms for some 300 types of the species, despite differing perceptions based on appearances and centuries of good public relations. The pure white kind tends to get far better press than the bird with the rainbow hued ring around its neck and wearing its heart on its beak.

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  1. Banding birds usually mean to count birds of this breed. Nice shots!

  2. Lovely photos -- I have always liked pigeons

    Visiting via Camera Critters :-)


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