Monday, 10 June 2013

Famous Leaf Unfurls In Canadian Skies

NOW YOU SEE IT ... now you don't. The buoyant Canadian flag frequently flies in Canadian skies. Its red maple leaf pops in and out of view when breezes blow.

Adopted in 1965 to replace the Union Jack, the new flag signaled further independence from the Commonwealth territories of the United Kingdom. There was serious debate about the non-traditional leaf design opposed by many Canadians at the time.

Since then the bold leaf became a much-loved symbol showing up everywhere. In 2010 I spotted it on the head of a visitor to the Winter Olympic games in BC that I wrote about HERE.

The maple leaf on the flag is an ode to the natural world. It also has unifying aspects because the tree from which it sprouts is rooted in provinces throughout the country.

When I walk around my neighborhood I see its burst of color unfurl often. So naturally when I went to Surrey's 10th Annual World Ocean Day Celebration in Blackie Spit Park this Sunday I expected the flag to make an appearance.

There was no sign of a flag on this celebratory cake. But there was one sewn into a decal on the clothing draped over a cardboard cutout of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. (You need a very big enlargement of the photo to see it on the left shoulder.)

There were flowery patterns but no leaves on the shirts worn by these musicians at the event.

The leaf did show up on a teepee set up on the park grounds to remind us of the pre-flag days. It would take an eagle's eye to spot it though.

It was much easier to discover the leaf on a beach chair that day.

The more I searched the more I saw of the famous leaf.

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  1. These are all great shots and an interesting post. The maple leaf on the back of a head made me laugh.

  2. I bet you'll see a ton of Canadian maple leafs on Canada Day. :))

  3. Fun post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Will be home on Canada Day but we'll be arriving out your way late-ish on July 4, in time to find a parking spot overlooking the bay to see the fireworks across the border.
    Really enjoyed this post. So sorry I missed Oceans Day, because I'm more than somewhat fond of oceans, doncha know.
    Luv, K

  5. It has become an iconic image of Canada.

  6. Oh, what a fun post indeed! I do love the maple leaf -- particularly when it's on the back of a head! Yep, make me laugh, too! Hope you have a great week!

  7. That looks like a fun festival. And your flag is certainly one of the world's most famous.

  8. Love these shots! And that leaf in the hair - how very patriotic! LOL:

  9. Searching for “red maple leaf” looks fun and your photos made me in that mood, too, Penelope. I smiled to see the maple leaf on the man’s head and I imagined how I’d feel to see “rising sun mark” instead. I like this expression, “The maple leaf on the flag is an ode to the natural world.” The flag looks like wings of a bird which is soaring into the blue sky in the third image.

  10. I like the "famous leaf" and loved following your journey to track it down on Oceans Day. I also love the idea of celebrating our oceans. It just makes sense to me. Going back to the leaf, I well remember the talk about choosing a flag for Canada and my father's disappointment when the maple leaf design was chosen. I don't think he had a problem with the leaf itself, but rather, with the simple design. He had been fond of the Union Jack and I guess change is challenging once attachments are formed. Anyhow, all to say I loved your post :)


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