Sunday, 18 August 2013

It Takes A Village To Make A Television Show

THE ACTOR could not stop for a chat but I did manage to quickly snap his picture as he darted past as part of a scene in an upcoming episode of a television series called Psych that you can learn about HERE.

It takes a well-chosen cast of characters as well as a suitable location to advance the plot and fulfil someone's imagination.

The Crescent Beach community with its variety of landscapes has been the perfect venue for many movies.

A show also needs a team behind the scenes that includes writers, directors, camera people and production assistants ... a great deal of assistants, in fact.

A lot of tricky wires are involved ...

along with various gadgets so that the heroes and villains ...

the chased and the chasers (they seemed have the most fun) can run down alleyways undisturbed ... except for a few interested onlookers like me who get a little psyched about the movie-making process in our world.

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  1. What fun to get shots of them filming.

  2. Fun post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. I love that shot you got of the actor running. Well done.

  4. What fun and great action shots ~ thanks, carol, xo

  5. I have never seen a movie being made, though many may are shot right here in Toronto, Many years ago. I did see a commercial being filmed and discovered there are many,vmany takes before it's perfect. I could NEVER be an actor.I would find it too frustrating.

    But I'd love to see a movie being made.Lucky YOY!

  6. Oh, a fun post indeed!! I love it! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week!

  7. Lots of fun, for sure. I wish I'd been there. I keep saying that, don't I, even though I was out last month.
    Well, congratulations on catching some of the action. You must have done a good job of staying out of the way.

  8. How fun is that? We've seen a couple of movies being filmed on location, but never a TV show (and I've actually seen that show once or twice a few years ago, but didn't realize it was still on)... is it supposed to be set where you are or are you standing in for somewhere else?

    Your photos caught some great action as well as the background stuff... Fun.

  9. Good question, Sallie. I think the show is supposed to take place in Santa Barbara, California, but much filming is done in the West Coast of BC in places like White Rock, Vancouver and Crescent Beach.

  10. I have seen my share of movies and show filmed in Vancouver when I used to live there. Met quite a few accidently. Fun post.


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