Thursday, 2 April 2015

Too Chicken To Watch W5 TV Special

A MAJORITY of people on this planet I presume are carnivores but surely eating meat does not excuse torturing animals on their journey to our dinner tables.

A W5 television report about chickens and their mistreatment, prior to arriving neatly packaged at the supermarket, made me wince before shutting it off.

If you have the stomach and heart for it, check out the video HERE.


  1. It is disgusting how our chickens are treated for slaughter. I remember watching an episode of Marketplace in how it is done. I no longer buy Lilydale chickens. We recently started buying Sunrise Chickens-Organic. We bought the utility grade non organic on Friday, three chickens for $15.00. What a steal but once cooked, felt the quality was not up to par as the organic. Great post, Maria! Sorry for going on too long in my comment.

  2. I don't need to watch...been aware for years and have only purchased free range, grain fed, organic, no hormone chicken since. Eggs too. It's horrible what is done to the animals we eat, and I wish more people cared enough to spend that extra little bit of money at the store to help protect them! Great post!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog post! Have a great week!


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