Sunday, 7 June 2015

Carefully Tended Community Garden

ONE OF THE littlest libraries in BC is at the foot of the Alexandra Community Garden. I might be reading too much into it but the honour system must flourish here amid the plants since there is no need for a library card.

Thanks to the welcoming atmosphere created by volunteer-tenders from the Rosemary Heights and White Rock Senior Villages, passersby can pause a while to read or dream or watch the vegetables grow.

I noticed that the birdbath was scrubbed clean and replenished with water.

The daisies were primped and gloriously beaming.

Strawberry plants were heartily growing and a picnic table ...

set with a vase full of flowers was prettily arranged by the garden tenders.

Down the street, a poppy with bluish-gray spores waved as I walked by. I have seen pink and red but this lone pale-purple bloom was a garden unto itself.

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  1. That poppy sure is gorgeous! Another variety I have not seen before in that color. Love the flowers in that pot on the picnic table. Great post today!

  2. I can't think of a more wonderful combination than free books and beautiful gardens.

  3. What a lovely array of floral photos ~ so creative ~ love your presentation!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  4. Pretty flowers and gardens. The daisies are one of my favorites. I like the cute fish planter. I think those little libraries are a great idea! Have a happy week ahead!

  5. The free liraries are beginning to pop up in my area too. I think they are wonderful! I have never seen a purplish poppy before. Very pretty.

  6. That's a very well-maintained garden, very nice.

  7. What a lovely idea and such a gorgeous garden!

  8. Beautiful shots from community garden. It has been well developed with lovely plants and flowers.

  9. I clicked on the link from the Our World Tuesday linky party because I thought this is another blog about postcards, I'm a postcard collector :) I discovered it's not but delighted nonetheless by the pretty photos you have here :D

  10. All is comfortable at that community garden with flowers, clean birdbath basin, and people’s good will . The purplish poppy is new to me. When it comes to Poppy, I’m always interested in the color combination of petals, stamens, and pistil. Mauve, blue, and greenish color produces coolness.

    I like the casual flower arrangement on the wood fence in the next post.



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