Sunday, 11 October 2015

Our Future World Abuzz With Drones?

AT FIRST GLANCE, I thought it was a model plane but soon realized I was seeing my first drone in action at Crescent Beach. The owner said it was new and he was trying to have it take a picture of the pier that was a short distance away. He electronically set it back down to the ground and I took its picture. My feelings when seeing the drone up close and personal definitely was not love at first sight. The drone owner wondered at my concern when I mentioned they probably should be regulated or not used at all by civilians.

Invasion of privacy already so prevalent in our world came to mind; there are several instances of drones with cameras flying alongside high-rise windows in Vancouver. A weapon of war in foreign lands, modified drones can also carry dangerous materials to your neighborhood and mine. Amazon is keen on drones as future couriers ... seemingly unmindful that a drone can just as easily deliver an explosive to your doorstep as the Krispy Kreme’s you ordered online.

Even one harmless drone seems out of character in a sky where kites fly and seagulls play. But the potential for injury from thousands of buzzing drones everywhere accidentally crossing paths with humans, wildlife and one another is mindboggling. The usefulness of drones on rescue missions or for mapping difficult terrain makes sense but putting them in the hands of the general population seems as risky as arming a six-year-old child. There is nothing cuddly or reassuring about drones that I can see yet. Although if you are an avid photographer, think of all the amazing pictures you could get.

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  1. You bring up some very good points. At first I thought it was such a neat idea. A few years ago my husband came home saying a colleague had brought his own small toy helicopter to work with a camera on it. It was one of the first personal drones. Since I have heard all the pro's and cons, not so sure now about personal drones and wonder where it is all going to lead to.

  2. We've used drones at work for photography purposes, but there are now rules coming into force because of the danger to air traffic not to mention invasion of privacy.

  3. You wrote very good points on these drones. Personally I don't like them the reasons being invasion of privacy. Being a photographer, I don't really see the point.

  4. People have already been prosecuted in the UK for using drones. There are a number of laws that individuals are not aware of when they use them for recreational purposes.

  5. been seeing more and more drones around. It seems there are so many of them at the many activities that I attend. Yes, I do believe drones are part of our lives
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  6. I tend to agree with through ~ yet also think it is a 'male thing' ~ toys that can be creative yet dangerous ~ True of most invention ~ TV, Internet ~ just to name a few ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. I'm not a fan of drones. The potential for evil is too great and they have already been a problem at a few forest fires - interfering with water bombers.


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