Friday, 22 April 2016

Save Our Planet, Save Ourselves

THE SAYING “save our planet, save ourselves” is a catchy phrase rooted in reality. Homage is paid to our only home on Earth Day that falls on April 22nd. The infinite wonders at our feet and in our seas and skies inspire not only the Van Gogh's and Picasso’s of the world but ordinary folk like me who see starbursts in flowers and compelling symmetry in shells and grassy debris.

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Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms

You can find my earlier Earth Day post HERE.


  1. Absolutely beautiful and creative photography of some of the gems of nature ~

    Wishing you a happy and healthy week ~ ^-^

  2. Beautiful macro work!
    I enjoyed the shell very much.
    Have a Happy Week!
    Peace :)

  3. Beautiful patterns of nature. I was reminded how we are inspired by them or borrow some ideas from them. Whenever I think of our mother planet, I remember a “Blue Marble”, a blue delicate and fragile small marble floating in the blackness of the space.


  4. Love these photos, love seeing nature up close.

  5. The shell image is wonderful. As are all the pictures really. Thank you for the reminder of Earth Day coming up. Not much is made of it here in Florida I am afraid.

  6. A wonderful tribute to nature!

  7. Earth Day - I missed it again this year. And yet - like in your post, each and every day is an earth day for me.

    Small happening: I was on a walk in the wilds - on my own and failed to control myself when suddenly [ out of the blue ] I was surrounded by a fieldful of bluebells: I snapped off a tiny bit of blue to soak up its perfume for the remainder of my 7-mile walk. Then an elderly couple, all dressed for serious walking, appeared out of nowhere. They could barely hide their disdain when they saw me sniff the blue. I felt ever so guilty when they nodded a reluctant hello.

    Now, was I not honouring the Earth and Earth Day itself by showing my appreciation for Nature in a modest fashion? I'm still not sure :-)


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