Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Healthy Habits & Signs

HEALTH has been on my mind lately ... how it can silently slip away over years unnoticed until some catastrophe happens. My mom used to say if you don't have good health nothing else matters.

We all know healthy habits can prevent disasters. Wherever I go I see people cycling, running, walking and climbing. The Art Of Running logo on a woman's t-shirt (photo above) was a sign about keeping fit. I admired her efforts at the 1001 Steps in Ocean Park recently and was impressed she only puffed a bit after running up and down so many stairs.
Even though there are likely fewer than 1001, it can feel like a lot more steps. Locals use the stairway to the beach for exercise, turning their dreams of shedding pounds and building strong hearts into reality.

At the top of the stairs there are some common sense signs. Smoking is banned in this woodsy place, as is dumping trash. If you don't get out before the gate closes, you might spend the night with the wildlife at the bottom.
Signs tacked to a post (above) can be as easy to ignore as the early signs of an illness. For those who dare look, placing an arm in a blood pressure cuff at the drug store can be revealing.

Hypertension or other surprise might await beyond the gate but being bitten by a disease decreases when willing to explore the true state of our wellness.

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  1. Great post. At the end of my 40s I was on a health kick, jogged every day among other things. Depressing that after a surgery and lots of side effects I had to stop all that and gained a lot of weight which is where I'm at in my 59th year but on the up side I'm still alive and haven't had a melanoma recurrence after the lymph nodes in the groin area where it had spread were removed in 2005! I need to make myself walk regularly. That's about all I can do but it would be enough if I could get back into a routine. I also have to remind myself that it would probably have been even worse if I hadn't been fit when I had a major health crisis.

  2. I need to do more exercising and eat less ice cream...

  3. Good signs to heed. It's good to do things that are beneficial to our health, too.

  4. Stair climbing is such a good way to get some exercise and relatively easy on the joints.

  5. Interesting Stairs and great warning signs. Bill and I got locked into a Water Amusement Park somewhere in Texas one time. We didn't even know we were in it, were just out for an evening walk, strolled through a small gate into what we thought was a city park, walked around a while and then found all the gates closed and locked. It was a funny experience (we found a pay phone booth and were rescued by some abashed guards.). But at least there were no wild animals.


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