Sunday, 21 August 2016

Paint ... But Do Not Hammer On Train Cars

YOU CAN paint graffiti on them ...

but (as the sign below says) hammering on train cars that carry hazardous materials is definitely a no, no.

Watching the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) methodically chug by,

we were reminded yet again that no person or vehicle will get in or out of Crescent Beach for about 15 minutes, including an ambulance or a fire truck.

The route of this overburdened and increasingly long freight train is a disaster-in-waiting.

The likelihood of the hillside along the tracks eroding and the possibility of coal train dust or toxic chemical spills harming the community is real.

Solutions have long been sought, from building a tunnel or a bridge to relocating the tracks.

Recently the idea of relocating the tracks has gained steam.

Local citizens urging politicians to study the matter see positive signs.

Now the BC government Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Surrey-White Rock Gordon Hogg, local mayors, federal Member of Parliament (MP) Ken Hardie and BC Transportation Minister Todd Stone are on board with the plan. This is only the start as financial considerations and negotiations with BNSF will no doubt run into stumbling blocks. Any new and most likely shorter route to destined ports would meet new environmental challenges.

If relocation of the tracks happens eventually, I will not miss the drifting art (vandalism to many) blocking a critical path several times a day.

Relocation will unlock larger portions of seascape to pedestrians. People will be able to freely walk and perhaps cycle from the City of White Rock to Crescent Beach in Surrey along one of the most scenic shorelines in BC.

What a privilege and a joy this would be not only for locals but for visitors from around the globe.

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  1. If I'm in the right (wrong actually) mood, waiting for any train can seem confining -- even when it actually would be possible to get out of line and take another route if the cars behind you would move. But to know there is no other way to go is terrifying really. There must be a solution! I can't believe they haven't come up with one.

  2. Wow! What a selection of creative graffiti ~ and great photos!

    Wishing you a lovely week ~ ^_^

  3. That was an interesting insight to the reality of living with the problems of these long fright train on a community. I hope an answer is found soon.

  4. I've seen all kinds of graffiti on train cars.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. I love trains but I know they come with issues. Interesting about graffiti yes but hammering being a no no. I never would have thought people would bang on trains.

  6. Banging on trains is a new one to me too. People are very expressive in their art/graffiti. These are great shots.

  7. Hope they relocate the rails to free up the coast! I like some of the graffiti - but not all.

  8. Beautiful and interesting graffiti.

  9. I wish we had more trains in this country - but of the shorter, commuter type trains, not these long freight trains that are fraught with danger.

  10. That must have been a long one. We had a train derail in the middle of the city this week and fortunately no one was injured but when you think of what could happen it is very scary. Of course CP will never move their tracks.

  11. I would never dare to paint or hammer the cars! (Or even get near to them, probably)

  12. I love that last photo, the one of the train coming around the bend. It made me think of this one (if I can put a photo in your comment section) in Britain.
    Nope, I tried but it missed, will have to e-mail it.
    I hope Gordie Hogg is doing a good job as MLA. I remember him from school.
    Has anyone thought of a raised railroad over Crescent Road? Trains travel on trestles, so why not a bridge? Okay, it might be very expensive, but it would be more environmentally friendly than some alternatives, no?
    Talk to you soon,


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