Monday, 28 May 2018

The Lady Is A Bug

Plunk ... something landed near my face, a small roundish dark blotch to mar the view through what I soon discovered were my remarkably grimy sunglasses.

It could have been a he but I felt it was a she. The ladybug stuck to the glasses even when I took them off and continued my walk, holding them in one hand and taking pictures with the other. Not camera shy, she seemed to enjoy the ride.

The ladybug made lovely reflections on the glassy surface. Even with my untrained eye, I knew she was one of a kind and no other ladybug anywhere had her exact markings because nature's creativity is boundless that way.

She briefly investigated my finger.

She crept along the rim from one lens to another ...

peeking over the edges.

Perhaps she was snacking on something microscopic in the lint and grime.

It was a smorgasborg of goodies no doubt, a grand feast for a hungry bug.

I wondered about her wings since she wasn't eager to fly away.

This bug preferred to walk for now. Her wings were folded neatly unseen beneath each half of her dotted outer shell.

She did a little vacuuming along the way and also took time to smell the flowers.

When I veered off the path towards my car she knew it was time to say goodbye. She jumped onto my sweater and looked at me intently with utmost courtesy I thought, although I couldn't read the expression in her eyes.

As soon as we parted, I got to work cleaning my sunglasses. The camera showed what the ladybug was too polite to tell me but, needless to say, her message came through in a very clear way.

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  1. Hello, the ladybug is cute. Great series of photos. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  2. You understand, of course, I want to know where she went after your sweater. Inquiring minds, etc.
    Beautiful close-ups of the little lady who dropped in to tell you to clean your glasses. "See" you soon.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. A grand adventure -- She was very much a lady -- only quietly nd politely reminding you of the grooming ritual you had forgotten! (Sometimes my sunglasses get so dirty that I think I'm going blind. I need my own ladybug!)

  4. How lovely for you! I love your close-ups of the ladybug.

  5. As you probably know we call them ladybirds here and always think of them as female. Great photos of her ladyship.

  6. cute!! is that a friendly lady-bug or one of the nasty ones that bite?

  7. Great reflections in your macro photos. You had a willing photo model who posed sweetly.

  8. haha, such a cute series.

  9. what an amazing serie with this ladybug. great shots

  10. With the "M" marking on the head she appears to be a controversial Asian Lady Beetle. I found one in my garden. - Margy

    1. Oh, oh … I’m glad she didn’t bite me then. She’ll always be a ladybug to me. :)


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