Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Teapots, Thorns & Time In Ocean Park

THEY SAY TIME FLIES and it certainly felt that way when I arrived at the annual Pottery Fair at the Ocean Park Community Hall in South Surrey just as the event was ending.

It was minutes shy of four o'clock but people were already packing up.

I did step past the doors of the heritage building to find creativity galore inside. A lot of words beginning with "T" sprung to mind.

A teapot at the entrance was the raffle prize. The potter, Lynn, likes to add red pigment to her clay I was told. The very sight of it conjured up thoughts about the tantalizing cups of hot tea I have had that tend to stop time.

The potter also fashioned this lovely square clock. I miss the tick-tock of older more rounded clocks and sometimes wonder if time is like a ball of circling twine instead of linear. Perhaps our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows reside simultaneously at the same moment in space. For the scientifically inclined there is the String Theory to think about.

Lofty theories about time can quickly unravel when it comes to the thorny issue of aging, however, when we are no longer terrifically toned. Sometimes we start to tilt and need wheelchair ramps like the one at the back of the community hall. The ramp is also handy for tots in strollers.

Constructed in 1926, the building is regularly maintained and remains an important hub for social gatherings in modern times.

My daughter took tap dancing lessons there when she was small. So did I for a while as an adult. Here is a picture of her shoes amid the tinsel.

I once rented a table at the hall to display my cards for a Christmas Craft Fair.

A few days after the Pottery Fair, I was surprised to see a painter's ladder tilted against the outer wall of the old building.

It took careful tilting for this young man to reach the difficult spots with a brush. In certain lighting, the tint of the paint appears to be lemon yellow.

Except for a little moss growing at the tip of the roof, the passage of time is barely visible at the hall thanks to the recent makeover.

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This post showcases the letter "T". If you think words are fun and enjoy playing with the alphabet, visit ABC Wednesday.


  1. What a great post for T. I enjoyed all the photographs. The tap shoes tugged at my heart strings for some reasons. So many t words too.

  2. a marvelous post for T. i love the teapot.:p

  3. Yeah, you do start packing up early at those shows, because the organizers want to clean up

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I wish I had been there with you. It looks like a super sale.

  5. I love these quaint heritage buildings! I must come down and visit Ocean Park some day. My aunt & uncle used to live down there when I was a kid and I remember some fun times. It's built up a lot since then, though.

    abcw team

  6. My goodness...what a wonderful array of pictures illustrating the Letter T.

  7. I, too, took tap dancing as a child, and then for a while as an adult, danced in NB. There, it was similar to tap dancing, but with white shoes and it was called clogging. And, I too have arrived at craft shows, only to find things being packed up. So, there were at least TWO ways that I quickly connected to your post. But, to add a few more, your teapot photo, the precious one of the tap shoes, and the window shot with branches and crafted snowflakes all touched a nerve of delight!

  8. Enjoyed the great variety in this post. - what a nice friendly looking building and I do love those dancing shoes....

  9. I got some wood turned bowls, if you don't feel them, they look like pottery.

    They were not for me, a 90 something persuaded her 90 something husband to donate some of his hobby for chsrity. I went and took some photos.

  10. That was fun! Apparently you've got to get up early to visit the fair.

  11. I like the teapot with a Japanese handle and modern Western design. I like the collaboration of the Christmas craft hung in the room and the reflected branches on the windowpane, too. Enjoyed this post for letter T.

  12. Many lovely subjects starting with T!
    I agree with you, there seems to be not even thin line among our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows. When we say “Present”, it will be Past. They are in the same realm. The life of a human being should be a moment. But, I want to cherish every present with astronomically huge dream. Thanks a lot for giving me a great chance to think about the space.
    Have a wonderful week!


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