Friday, 14 December 2012

Blue Blue Day At Connecticut Elementary School

CLOUDS PARTED and a pure blue sky broke through reflecting on the water at Crescent Beach. My mind was on the tragic events of this morning at a faraway elementary school in Connecticut. When I left home there was talk that three people had died. By the time I returned twenty-seven, mostly very young children, were said to have perished in the school shooting. That such horrific events are possible shakes the confidence of everyone and even from a distance we search for meaning. We already know there is too much faith in weaponry and too few solutions for the deranged, powerless, angry and disconnected. One day societies will have their fill of violence and all its imagery and be so repulsed by it that the meek truly shall inherit the earth. Until then we will mourn and lament the irreversible heartbreak.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Gorgeous photo! My heart breaks at the loss of those little ones, and what the families are going through. It is beyond tragic.

  2. Hello Maria,

    I must have been the only human on the planet to have missed this heartbreaking story yesterday, only learning it after reading a facebook post late last evening. I, too, was out and about with my camera yesterday, and I too noticed a parting of the clouds. Your beautiful photo feels symbolic in that the spirits of innocent children broke through the darkest of dark clouds to leave this world long before their time should have been up. I tried to comment last evening, but was so overcome with the hopelessness of finding any comfort to offer anyone touched by this act, I finally deleted all of my attempts. Then, a photo by Jim, a fellow blogger, of a hand reached out to offer food to a chick-a-dee, left me with the thought that that is all we can do - extend a hand in a gesture of kindness.. a smile, a good word, a donation if needed. If each of us did that with every living being we meet, perhaps, the anger would die and there would be no need for guns. I, for one, have had "my fill of violence" right now, as I know, have you and many, many others.


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