Saturday, 15 December 2012

Staying Clean In A Muddy World

IT SEEMED LIKE MAGIC how the feathers on these geese remained white even as they waddled through the muddy puddles of an unkempt farm in Surrey. With the exception of a bit of dirt (or perhaps natural markings) at the tips of their wings the birds were as pristine as new fallen snow.

Only one took obvious notice of me when I parked the car by the side of the road to get a better look and to take some pictures.

I guessed they were wild Snow Geese that flew in from distance shores and not homegrown and raised on this farm by the highway.

The geese didn't care about the trucks and cars whizzing by. They were intent on nibbling at whatever lunch they could find in the sopping grass.

It is true that their luxurious downy feathers have waterproof abilities and can end up in duvets to keep people, instead of the geese, warm. When feathers get plucked some birds even land on dining room tables for Christmas dinner. I do not think these birds were slated for such a fate, however. After they had their fill of food they most likely flew over the wire fence by the muddy field ... as Teflon and stick-free as when they started.

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  1. They are pretty geese with their all white feathers. I hope to see most of them stay safe and free. Wonderful photos, happy Sunday!

  2. They are so pretty these geese. Love your captures!

  3. I guess they are the Snow geese ...wish we had some more over here. Send them over!! Great Shots.

  4. I love to see the snow geese, Penelope! How wonderful that you had such an up close and personal view. They do, indeed, manage to look pristine, even as they roam about in muddy swamps gathering their food. Like Eileen, "safe and free" is what I wish for them.

  5. Oh, they are so clean, aren't they? Wonderful shots!


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