Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Where Is Madison Scott?

A TRUCK frequently parked by the road where I walk in Crescent Beach has a sign on the window. I always wince a bit when I see it because I instantly imagine the agony loved ones of Madison Scott must feel because she has been missing since 2011. You can learn more about what happened HERE and HERE.

The Missing Poster was hard to ignore so with great appreciation to the meme, I linked to SIGNS, SIGNS to in some small way contribute to spreading the word.


  1. Seeing this sign is just sad. At this point there is little chance the story will have a happy ending, or perhaps any ending at all.

  2. it's so sad how many people go missing like this...some make the news, some don''s really scary...hope her family gets her back soon...

  3. There are too many disappeared women. I cannot imagine what her family are going through.


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