Thursday, 21 May 2015

Wrong Way, Right Bouquet For Mother's Day

A BALLOON bouquet was put up and left to deflate days later at a Wrong Way sign. Somehow it does not seem right when paraphernalia and notices heralding special events long since passed are not removed from posts and city signs ... even though mothers can be celebrated every single day.

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  1. The balloons are still bright with spring colours.

  2. Still looks good with the bright colors.

  3. It IS the wrong way. Wrong to leave stuff up forever and isn't it sort of wrong to just abandon a gift like that anyway? It seems a little callous.

    But definitely not a wrong subject for a picture! Hope YOUR mothers Day was a good one ))

  4. I agree with you. I feel the same when I see what people have left behind in a beautiful park. Fortunately this particular park service have a wonderful clean up crew but even they can't keep up sometimes. My motto is, "What you take in you should take out!" The same with signs should be "What you put up, you take down!"

  5. Makes an interesting shot.


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