Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bench With A Message & A Bottle

THE BENCH at Elgin Heritage Park facing the Nicomekl River is one I walk by often. The plaque on the bench titled Hugh’s View gives people a reason to pause. It reads, “Love, compassion and integrity make a family strong.”

A bottle in a paper bag littered the bench one day. Its open mouth gaped at the scenery in odd juxtaposition to the noble sentiments attributed to Hugh.

The drinker was likely wrapped up in his inside rather than outside view.

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Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms

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  1. I wonder why the person did not dispose of the bottle and bag.

  2. Well spotted. A shame the bottle didn't really connect with the plaque.

  3. An interesting photo with a story behind it. Thank you for leaving that sweet message for my father-in-law. So kind of you and very much appreciated :)

  4. Your photo with sentiments seemingly at odds with each other brought to mind a CBC documentary I watched last evening called Warriors Against Violence It really struck home for me that the people whose behaviours we find most difficult to understand are the very ones who could benefit most from our love and compassion. Speaking for myself, perhaps the "integrity" portion of the inscription is to find a way to keep that in mind when we are feeling repelled.


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