Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hats Off To Two Women Who Showed Up

JOY DAVIES and Pixie Hobby were the only political candidates who showed up at the Ocean Park town hall meeting to talk about the port expansion plan that would bring more trains through BC on route to ship US coal by sea to Asia.

Locals in the US and Canada are concerned about health and environmental impacts. The incredibly long strings of frequent freight trains blocking emergency access to communities along the way is also a concern.

I do not recall anyone saying these are good things. Yet few people spoke up more forcefully against the proposed expansion than these two accomplished women who will compete for the same votes in the fall federal election. Although one is Liberal and the other NDP, they agree about the hazards of thermal coal and potential for disaster to towns at home and around the globe.

The professional achievements of Joy and Pixie are significant. They could rest on their laurels but were compelled to run for their respective parties. They won respect and my admiration but could stumble in the bigger battle by splitting the votes so that the government currently in power (known for deregulation, giving breaks to big business, and not going to community meetings) could win again.

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  1. We need to vote for the right candidate and not have what is currently running out country. We really need to make a change!

  2. We need leaders like JOY DAVIES and Pixie Hobby beyond the barrier of the political parties. I respect and admire them for standing up and speaking out against the port expansion plan with their conviction based on their conscience.


  3. They seem like two ladies who we can respect at least.

  4. Good for these two women!

  5. I'm so sorry they may split the vote. It seems the only way the Conservatives can win is to split the votes, or is that just my evil imagination? ;)

  6. Too bad we have to choose between two dedicated and intelligent leaders with constructive ideas. Seems like there should be an option for them to work together :)


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