Monday, 2 May 2016

When The Sun Came Out

WHEN THE SUN came out one recent morning the world's woes seemed a little lighter. Petals planted along a fence stretched to greet the rays.

Freshly washed dresses clinging to a clothesline soaked in the warmth.

Windows of a small abandoned building captured a bit of the glow.

Horse and rider came out to test the Crescent Beach waters.

I like the cloudy, rainy days but was nonetheless dazzled by the sun as it penciled tree shadows onto the pathways where I walked.

Beneath the pier, sun reflections in the water twinkled at me like stars.

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Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Lovely shots - those poppies are glorious!

  2. Oh, the pier, the pier. I can hardly wait. All your photos here are gorgeous but I miss the pier the most. Heading out your way soon. Details to follow on e-mail. Hugs!

  3. All delightful and well composed and presented photos! Love the captions too!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  4. So interesting shots about the joy of a sunny day. I especially like the hanged wet clothes and the stars on the water you captured. I don’t dislike cloudy or rainy days during the summer but I’d have a dismal sort of longing for sunshine if my spring is so wet.


  5. Love the sunshine through the poppy petals. A beautiful photo.

  6. A delightful series of images!

  7. The 'stars' reflecting under the pier are wonderful. Sunshine is always welcome, but there is really something utterly special about the Pacific Northwest sunshine when it comes after a long gray spell. You beautifully captured the wonder and joy of it.

  8. Wonderful shots. I love clothes on the line and it's a shame so few clothes are air dried. The way you caught the flowers catching the rays was great. Loved seeing the horse and rider. I used to ride as a child so shots like that make me nostalgic.

  9. Delightful pictures! I was born in Vancouver and it makes me wish I were there!


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