Thursday, 26 May 2016

White Rock Apartments Up In Smoke

APARTMENTS that until recently were lovely homes suddenly went up in flames and became burnt rubbish in White Rock. The City placed blue fencing around the disaster area for safety.

Unfortunately, no fence could have stopped the initial fire, that started at an adjacent construction site, from spreading to the complex. What caused the first spark is still a mystery but is thought to have been set deliberately at this writing. Dry weather mixed with light breezes no doubt fueled the flames. Read more about what happened HERE.

Battling the blaze depleted the small city’s reservoirs and caused a temporary boil advisory for drinking water. Neighboring Surrey supplied additional water and multiple firefighters to help extinguish a disaster that became a wake up call about local preparedness during catastrophes.

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  1. so very sad - especially so if deliberately set.

  2. Sad post but neat fence shot ~ sad for the people who lost their homes ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  3. How tragic this was. I hope they catch whoever set the fire. Atleast the blue fencing helps to keep people out.

  4. Hello, fire just scares me. I feel for the people that lived in these apartments. They do not always have renters insurance. I hope everyone was safe. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. I like the blue fence but so sad the reason for it :(

  6. ooooh how sad, i would be devastated if i lost my house to a fire!!!!

  7. How horrible the fire! I feel the same with Debbie. Fire and shortage of water must have been a rude awakening to the local preparedness for the disasters. A couple of days ago, a house on my walking route was burnt down. The son’s cigarette butts seem to be the cause. You talked about the recent wild fire of Canada probably caused by carelessly thrown cigarette. No cigarettes at my home, but I’ll be careful about the mosquito coil. (Incidentally, my mosquito coil is made from pure Pyrethrum, no chemically made one.)


  8. OH that is awful Maria. Deliberately set makes it even worse -- way worse. Was anyone hurt? I feel so sorry for the people displaced.


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