Thursday, 14 June 2018

Two Drifters Meet Beneath Brooding Skies

Brooding clouds filled the sky like billowy curtains over a beach star. The driftwood configuration stood upright centre stage on the shore at Crescent Beach amid more common logs haphazardly strewn along the sandy floor.

A "head", scorched perhaps from having once been in a camp fire, somehow became attached to the body of the upright piece. Over time, through shifting skies and changing tides, the two random travelers drifted to each other to become one artistic piece of extraordinary stature from every angle.

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Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. These are stunning shots! Something so beautiful about driftwood and the textures made by the ocean and sand!

  2. Hello, love the driftwood and beach. Beautiful sky captures. Have a happy day and weekend!

  3. Growing up, my Mom kept a piece of driftwood on her coffee table (both long gone) - what an enjoyable sight. Alana

  4. Oh, how wonderful, Ms Puddle! Beautiful photos. I love that beach! Hugs from here. Photos to follow sooner or later.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. These are fantastic sculptures out of driftwood. Even more special is they are outside on the beach. Beautiful!

  6. Seeing the Natuer’s art of drifters at the center stage of the beach and the low-angled photos of the congregated driftwoods meeting with the sky, it’s like you, Penelope. I also associated drifters with clouds in terms floating.


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